Backpack Nylon Webbing (3/4") 820N .75
Backpack Polypropylene Webbing (3/4") 830P .75 BK
Braided Elastic (3/4") S1040 .75 BK
Contoured Sewable Loop (3/4") 5160
Curved profile and short sewable tab are ideal for tight space applications. Sold in increments of 100.
D-Ring (3/4") 5357
Sold in increments of 100. 
Mojave® Dual Adjustable Side Squeeze® Buckle Female (3/4") 6014
A long-time favorite that features the patented rounded, highly stylized appearance of the Mojave® design coupled with an extremely smooth...
Duckbill® Tensionlock® (3/4") 6423
The Duckbill® Tensionlock® offers an enlarged finger release tab with an integrated fully-rounded style. A high-release angle feature has been...
Heavy Weight Backpack Nylon Webbing (3/4") 825N .75
Heavy Weight Polypropylene Webbing (3/4") 850P .75 BK
Herringbone Polypropylene (3/4") 915P .75 BK
Herringbone Seam Tape Nylon (3/4") 917N .75
Hook (3/4")
50 yards per roll.